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Map, Compass, GPS

Map, Compass, GPS

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”
– Theodore Roosevelt

Ten Essential Categories

Many who venture into State or National Forests, Parks, Wilderness, or other backcountry areas often have little or no outdoor survival skills.

Consequently, the landscape beyond a campground, trailhead, or parking area can be hostile to ill-advised or unprepared outdoor visitors. Often there’s no awareness of what basic equipment to carry, such as the Ten Essential Categories. Search and Rescue (SAR) agencies regularly respond to incidents that were preventable had victims followed basic “do’s and don’ts” prior to and during their hiking or backpacking experience.

Are you a beginning outdoor recreationist? Do you have little or no outdoor survival education, yet desire to venture into the backcountry? If so, read on!

Hikers on the Trail

On the Trail

Wilderness Survival and Safety: The Content…

…was initially developed as a beginner-oriented school, youth group, and summer camp presentation. Information was later added to include adults and those already involved in outdoor recreation activities.

The author, a former public safety and search and rescue professional, draws from a lifetime of experience to describe what beginning hikers or backpackers should do before and after they venture into the backcountry.

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