Double “A” All the Way

December 21st, 2012 in Articles Lighting

Finally found a good AA LED headlamp that uses common AA alkaline batteries. I guess you’re wondering what my point is…

Fenix HL21 AA LED Headlamp

Fenix HL21 AA LED Headlamp

…well, all my devices (flashlight, headlamp, GPS, camera-if-I-take-it, etc.) use AA batteries. This simplifies things if I only need to carry one battery size. AA batteries are also available almost anywhere.

Rise of the Fenix

Back to the headlamp. It’s really hard to find a quality headlamp that takes AA batteries. Just about all use smaller AAA batteries or tiny lithium coin-style batteries.

AA-battery headlamps are out there, though, and a recent search uncovered the “Fenix HL21 High Performance LED Headlamp”. I immediately ordered one to give it a go.

Rather unique headlamp, this. The specs are:

  • Uses one AA battery
  • 53-hour runtime
  • 97 lumens (really bright!)
  • Waterproof to 2 meters (not that I intend to test this feature anytime soon)
  • Three power modes (you can pre-set the preferred mode)
  • SOS Morse Code mode
  • Removable light-body

Everything I need. And must say, this light is BRIGHT. The low-power setting is best for normal use, nighttime reading, etc.


For those who want to carry only one lighting item (ultralightists, this means you), this is the light to have. It does it all.