5- First Aid

Recommended Equipment

First Aid Kit, Type 1

First Aid Kit, Type 1

First Aid Kit

At a minimum, carry an individual first aid kit in a protective container, similar to the one shown at the right. These kits are available at most outdoor and sporting goods stores, and should contain basic first aid items for common minor injuries one might experience on the trail.

Most basic kits require that you add additional items, based on your particular needs and requirements. This may include (but isn’t by any means limited to) medicationsun protectionblister protection, and insect protection.


Personal medication is specific to you, and must be carried by you, such as prescriptions, diabetic items, anti-sting or allergy kits, and the like.

Sun Protection

Sun protection is critical, especially during the summer, or at higher elevations. Carry sunscreen lotion and ultraviolet-blocking sunglasses.

Blister Protection

Serious stuff on a hike. Carry adhesive foam and moleskin, and a roll of athletic tape. Tape proactively applied on hotspots prevents blisters from forming.

Insect Protection

Avoid the large spray can. A small plastic bottle of high-concentration DEET will do. Also carry an insect headnet that you can see through. Saves the day when they’re so thick you’re breathing them in.