8- Water

Required Equipment

Water Container

A closed container with a water-tight, screw-top lid is essential hiking gear. An example is a common water bottle, which is available in many shapes, sizes, configurations, and expense options.

Another example is a collapsible bladder or bag, which may have only a screw top lid, or which may have an additional delivery tube and bite valve attached. The tube varieties are usually part of a pack or load-harness carry system.

Water Bottle
A water bottle awaits the next drink…

Water Purification

For health and sanitation reasons, water must be purified before drinking. Carry at least one of the following purification options:

  • Purification Tablets – Takes up small space in pack, easily portable, requires timed mixing and is therefore not as convenient.
  • Filtration Bottle with Internal Filter Cartridge – Combines purification and bottle in one unit. Purified water is immediately available for consumption. More appropriate for individual use.
  • Pump strainers – Work on same principle as in-bottle units, but on larger scale. More convenient for group use. Heavier and bulkier.