About the Author

Matt Fields, Author, WSAS

Matt Fields is retired after a 31-year Public Safety career, which included Search and Rescue (SAR) in Washington State.

While with Search and Rescue, Fields was a Hasty Team member, and received training for and was qualified as Incident Commander within staff rotation.

SAR responsibilities included on-call coordination, resource assignment, field response, after-action investigation, and incident report submission.

SAR duties included interviewing countless witnesses, victims, and family members, and the identification and assignment of causal factors leading to SAR incidents.

Early Outdoor Education

When I was eight years old, my father became interested in hiking (“backpacking”), and enrolled the family in a seminar hosted by the Sierra Club. Over the many weeks that followed, we learned about the virtues of traveling light in the backcountry…Read More

Fields is a former Washington State Emergency Medical Technician, and was formerly certified to instruct American Heart Association CPR, Red Cross Multimedia First Aid, and the Washington State Parks and Recreation Snowmobile Safety Class.

Fields has a BS Degree in Forest Resource Management and an AA Degree related to Public Safety.

Fields currently works in outdoor recreation, and as a web designer and consultant.