How to choose a tourist tent

A tourist tent is an essential part of camping life that is difficult to do without when you have to spend more than one night in the lap of nature. “Camping House” not only protects the tourist from the weather, but also ensures the safety of personal belongings. Therefore, choosing a tent should be approached responsibly, paying attention to important points.

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First, decide where you want to run the tent. Expedition equipment would be an ideal solution for difficult environmental conditions and highlands. Such tents have a complicated frame, but at the same time are quite light. They will be a reliable protection against strong winds and snowfalls. Universal (tourist or trekking) view the most common. It is more suitable for hiking in the mountains and plains with mild weather conditions. There is another type of tent camping. Although they are big and heavy, they surpass all others in comfort. This, of course, is great for outdoor activities if you have a car.


Agree, you want to feel good in the field too. Therefore, when choosing, pay attention to the dimensions of the tent: length, width and height. For the size of the “warehouse”, consider the number of people who will be in it, and take into account their height and physique, so that everyone can comfortably not only lie, but also sit. For example, for three people of average height and build, the width of the tent should be 180 cm, the height about 130 cm and the length about 200 cm.


Check the tent carefully before buying. For a quality product, the seams should be clean, reinforced and glued (stitch spacing no more than 3 mm), metal elements without burrs, zippers etc. not jammed, etc. Ideal if the height of the water column for the awning is at least 2500 mm and for the floor at least 3000 mm amounts. Ventilation is mandatory (1-2 windows at the top of the tent), otherwise the inside is always wet and damp.


Remember that in bad weather or in the dark it was easy to pitch a tent. The installation should be accessible to one person and not take much time. Another feature to look out for when choosing a tourist tent is its weight. If you go for a hike, you will have to carry extra pounds on your shoulders. So set the tent weight upper limit so you don’t turn the hike into a weightlifting activity later.