My Lake Eufuala Crappie Guide Experience

I always thought that I was a pretty good Crappie fisherman. I can usually catch them just about any time of year. So when I opened my birthday present a while back and found that my family had booked me a fishing trip with a Crappie guide, I was a little set back. I didn’t know if they thought I couldn’t catch fish or if I needed help in a certain area. Alright, I admit it, I was a little hurt at the gift!

But my Wife explained that she thought it would be nice for me to just sit back and let someone else take me to the fish. She booked my trip with a top Lake Eufaula Crappie Guide in business today, Brian Young. I have to admit, after I cooled down, I was looking forward to the thought of a Guide showing me how he catches fish on one of my favorite lakes.

The day finally arrived and I headed off for my fishing trip. I met Brian at a local Convenience Store and we were soon on our way to the lake. The short drive seemed to fly by as we talked on the way to the boat ramp. Brian explained how he was going to fish that day and what to expect once we got to our fishing ground.

This day Brian wanted to fish the Rip Rap along a major highway. Since it was early Summer, I didn’t think we’d do all that well. I was sure the Crappie were holding on deep ledges along submerged creek channels, but Brian assured me that there would be Crappie along the Rip Rap.

Boy, was there ever Crappie along those Rip Raps! Brian put on a clinic pulling one Crappie out after another. I think he caught 5 or 6 before I finally caught one. Since it was a new technique for me, it took me a while to catch on even with Brian’s patient instructions. This Summer pattern for Lake Eufaula Crappie has to be experienced to be believed!

We were basically fishing 5 to 7 foot deep and bouncing jigs along the rocks. Brian said that the Crappie would hide in the voids between rocks waiting for food to come by. In this case, it was our jigs! Even though the temperature that day hit a high of 93, we were still catching Crappie when we left at 3 p.m. with both livewells full of a two man limit. The last hour or so was spent catching and releasing as we had already filled our limit! It was more than I expected from a Guide, but it proved to me why he’s one of the top Lake Eufaula Crappie Guides. He knows that lake like the back of his hand! What a wonderful birthday present. I will never again question my Wife over a gift!