Stay Safe

The most important hiking or backpacking goal is making your trip as safe as possible.

Focus on this goal continually during your trip. Stop and assess the situation if safety is compromised. If the problem can’t be corrected, head back and return on another day.

Staying safe as you progress into an unfamiliar and unpredictable outdoor environment is the primary goal.

Seven Basic Steps

Planning and preparing for a recreation adventure ensures the trip is safe, enjoyable, and worry free.

Hikers near Ida Lake

  1. Plan Your Hike
  2. Don’t Travel Alone
  3. Leave Word
  4. Know Your Limits
  5. Remain with the Group
  6. Stay on the Trail
  7. Prepare for the Worst

Leaving out one of the Seven Basic Steps may compromise trip safety.

Continually Perform Self-Checks

Be aware if circumstances require leaving out a step. Slow down, stop, and reassess why you’re doing what your doing. Nothing justifies taking unnecessary chances.