Tactical Notes – First Aid

First Aid/CPR Class

As mentioned before, you need to take a qualified, hands-on First Aid/CPR Class to get you started. The following discussion isn’t intended to replace class-provided knowledge and information.

First Aid Kit Contents

Commercial First Aid Kits

Scrutinize thoroughly the contents of any commercial kit you might purchase in a store or online. Make sure it includes a variety of items that will serve a broad range of injuries and ailments. Some look good on the outside with a flashy container, but are lacking on the inside where it counts.

You have the option to add items to a commercial kit as necessary.

Consider Making Your Own First Aid Kit

Home-Built First Aid Kit

You may consider buying a secure, water-resistant bag or container and providing your own separately-purchased items.

Following is a list of items that can be assembled for a compact, yet effective personal first aid kit, or (when lacking) added to a commercial first aid kit.

Also included in the list are items necessary for personal injury mitigation or prevention. Some items (as noted) aren’t part of the first aid kit, but carried elsewhere.

First Aid Supplies:

CPR mouth shield/barrier
4″x4″ gauze pads (4 or more)
2″ gauze roll (1)
Non-adhesive gauze pad (2)
Adhesive bandage tape (1 roll)
Butterfly closures (6)
Antiseptic wipes (8)
Adhesive bandages, various sizes (10 or more). The common BAND-AID.
Antibiotic ointment (1 small tube). NEOSPORIN or equivalent.
Hand sanitizer (1 small plastic bottle)
Scissors (1 small size). Included on some multi-tools or Swiss Army-style knives.
Tweezers (1)
Medium-size sewing needle
Latex gloves (2 pair)
Cotton-tip swabs (8). The common Q-TIP.


Prescription medications (varies per person)
Allergy medications (varies per person)
Acetaminophen 325mg tablets (10 or more)
Ibuprofen 200mg tablets (20 or more)

Sun Protection

Sunscreen (outside of kit, carried elsewhere in pack)
Sunglasses (outside of kit, carried elsewhere in pack)
Broad-brimmed hat (outside of kit, worn or carried elsewhere in pack)
Long-sleeve shirt, pants, (outside of kit, worn or carried elsewhere in pack)

Blister Protection

Moleskin pads (2)
Athletic tape (1 roll)
Alcohol wipes (8 or more). Helps athletic tape stick.

Insect Protection

DEET bug spray (1 small plastic bottle, outside of kit, carried elsewhere in pack)
Insect headnet (outside of kit, carried elsewhere in pack)
Long-sleeve shirt, pants, gloves (outside of kit, worn or carried elsewhere in pack)

Other Important Safety Items

Spare Glasses

Wear prescription glasses or contact lenses? Carry a spare pair of glasses, in a case, secure inside the pack. I do.

I can give examples, over the years, where I’ve lost glasses, broken or lost lenses, broken frames, had them ripped off my face, etc. etc. A spare pair will save a lot of grief.

Use a retention strap when wearing glasses.


The only way to remove dirt or foreign objects from your own eye. Should already be in your pack in the form of a signal mirror or compass sighting mirror.