Shelter Perils and Pitfalls

Getting shelter set up could be a challenge. Shelter-deployment practice and preparation before your trip will help you overcome the following obstacles.

High or Gusty Winds

Many a space blanket, tarp, or tent has sailed off into oblivion due to high wind conditions.

  • Get a grip- Keep a secure grip on your shelter item during deployment, or the wind will take it from you as you’re trying to get it set up.
  • Make sure it stays put- Once deployed, stake it down, or weigh it down with rocks, logs, or other items, especially if you’re not going to be in it for a while. Keep a close watch because of wind; be prepared to make deployment modifications as necessary!

Steep Terrain

Use special care in steep terrain to make sure your shelter (and the gear in it) stays put, and doesn’t roll down the slope. You may never see it again.

Try to find a flat piece of ground. If none is available, locate yourself immediately uphill and against a large tree. The very last thing you want is your shelter heading downhill with you in it.