7- Tools

Multi-Tool :: Leatherman Super Tool

Multi-Tool :: Leatherman Super Tool

Recommended Equipment


A knife is essential for fire building, shelter construction, and first aid.

Multi-tools or Swiss Army-style knives are the most useful, since they provide a number of functional tools in a reasonably small package.

Always carry at least one knife, with a multi-tool or Swiss Army-style as the preferred first choice. Other choices are listed in the Tactical Notes.

Wire Saw in Tool Kit

Wire saw coiled up for storage in Tool Kit.

Pocket Saw

A military-grade wire or pocket saw supplements knife/multi-tool carry. Small and lightweight, a pocket saw can cut through larger tree branches much faster than a knife, yet takes up very little space.

Tool Kit

Things happen on the trail, and it’s best to be prepared. A compact, yet complete Tool Kit contains the various and sundry parts, accessories, and tools that keeps everything flowing.

Consider carrying the following in your Tool Kit:

  • Small diamond sharpening rod (for knife and tool blades).
  • Length of duct tape (can be wrapped around something, such as your match case).
  • Two sewing needles with 10 ft. of heavy-duty thread.
  • 50 ft. (minimum) military-grade 550 cord.
  • Several plastic zip ties.
  • Several wire twist ties
  • Safety pins (two large, two small).
  • Square of aluminum foil.
  • 1-2 ft. coil of stiff, yet flexible wire.
  • Several Zip-lock baggies.
  • Small roll bright pink or orange flagging ribbon (for marking gear, trails, signalling…).
  • At least two small, strong carabiners; for securing gear or?
  • Two large garbage bags.
  • Anything else you can think of for your specific needs…