The Weber 1520 Propane Portable Gas Grill

There’s nothing that beats the great taste of barbecue although it’s not always easy to find a good grill that comes at an affordable price. Sometimes what you sacrifice in saving a little bit of money only results in a flimsy product that doesn’t do the job half as well as a decent barbecue grill. But the Weber 1520 Propane Gas Grill proves that you can get quality performance in a small package that you can take anywhere you want. This is one of the best portable gas grills on the market, and when all is said and done you will be able to prepare dishes just as well as you could using a more expensive product. You get a good sized cooking area that will allow you to prepare complete meals with extreme convenience.

The portable nature of this gas grill allows you to take it anywhere, although it’s your best bet for an activity like camping or beach side barbecue. It’s lightweight enough that you can pack in the trunk of your car without taking too much space, and at the same time it offers sturdy construction that will allow you to cook on a variety of surfaces. You will appreciate the one touch technician system that means you don’t have to wait around for the coals to heat up as if you were using a traditional charcoal grill. And in terms of power, it might not be able to handle larger roasts or brisket, but it does direct grilling of popular favorites like chicken wings and burgers to perfection.

Weber is well known for producing quality products that lasts a long time, and many users of this particular grill will be able to utilize it without upgrade for quite some time. There is also a flavor maximizing component that really brings things like steak and grilled salmon to life. Overall, you can’t go wrong with this product that will likely cost you under $70 depending on where you buy it, and it’s the perfect item for beginner grillers as well.