Why a Navigation Class?

“What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing.”
– AristotleAuthor learning the Silva Ranger Compass, College, 1973

Author (middle, at far end of tape) learning the Silva Ranger Compass (bottom left) as a forest inventory tool, Forestry College, 1973

A Map/Compass/GPS Navigation Class prepares you to use your navigation gear properly.

Consider how you learned to ride a bicycle when you were a kid. First the bike was purchased, then you went outside on a safe sidewalk and, through much trial and error (maybe with the initial use of training wheels), figured out how to balance the bike, start and stop, and stay on the sidewalk.

Once you had that under control, you maybe got permission to ride on the street. And that was only after you demonstrated you could do so safely.

As you progressed, bicycling became intuitive, and you didn’t have to learn how to ride every time you got on a bike.

Imagine if you tried to bypass all of the above up to the point where you could start riding on the street. Forget about the hands-on trial and error. You instead visited all the websites that told you how to ride a bike, and trained yourself to ride based on reading the instructions alone.

How far do you think you’d get down the street without the essential hands-on, learning-by-actual-experience steps that you bypassed? You’re right, you wouldn’t get very far at all (most likely you’d land on your face).

The same is true about navigation. There’s no way one can learn how to use a map, compass, GPS, and other navigation aids by just reading directions on a website. This is why a hands-on navigation course is stressed here. Once learned, navigation becomes just as intuitive as riding the bike.