Find Shelter

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Shelter, a Ten Essentials Category

Ten Essentials- Shelter
If you’re properly prepared, you have basic shelter needs with you as a Ten Essentials requirement.

Tactical Notes- Shelter
A discussion of shelter site selection and shelter deployment.

Shelter = Survival

It’s imperative you find shelter, and find it fast. Not only does shelter provide you with a base of operations, it also helps keep you safe from hazardous exposure to the elements.

Shelter Needs Vary

Shelter in a survival situation is relative to the extent of your emergency.

Shelter needs vary based on:

  • Current or anticipated weather conditions.
  • Time of day or night.
  • Seasonal factors.
  • A victim’s physical condition.

Current or Anticipated Weather Conditions

What’s the weather overhead doing? Will it change in the near future? Consider the worst-case scenario and plan accordingly.

Time of Day or Night

Sitting in the hot sun’s great on a recreational beach, but not so good when enduring a forced stay in an exposed area with no shade. Expect the need for shelter-provided shade in an area where no natural shade is present.

Conversely, a warm day in the mountains can be freezing cold at night. Protection from chilling wind and insulation from the cold become priorities.

Seasonal Factors

Winter-like conditions can occur at any time in the mountains, but particularly in the Spring and Fall. One must be prepared with shelter that’s adequate to keep one warm and dry in adverse conditions.

A Victim’s Physical Condition

Injury places an added burden on shelter selection. Common tasks such as shelter deployment, getting water, firewood gathering, and the like are difficult (maybe impossible) due to physical limitations imposed by the injury.

Warmth and water will be your mantra. Consider that mobility may decrease with each passing day.