Stay Calm

"Never, never, never, never give up."
- Winston Churchill

Where are we?

Stop, Look, Listen

Does this sound familiar? That’s what you do when crossing train tracks, or perhaps a busy roadway.¬†

Well, consider applying this concept when you realize that you are in a true outdoor emergency situation. Stop, Look, and Listen…

Panic Mode

Okay, you’re truly lost. Or maybe you’re injured and need assistance. Against all advice, you’re by yourself. We won’t ask the reason why; regardless of the circumstances, you have a true personal emergency on your hands. You soon realize serious your situation is.

  • One moment you’re in your comfort zone, and then unexpectedly your world completely turns upside down.
  • You look around for any sign of the trail, your campsite, or the route back to familiar surroundings.
  • You long for the comfort of another person, someone to share your emergency and offer advice, encouragement, and companionship.
  • You soon realize you’re truly lost with no apparent hope of return, and that you’re truly alone.

Staying calm becomes the first priority.

Avoid Panic

Panic quickly sets in. Left unchecked, panic impairs rational thought, and exposes a victim to increased danger.

The following steps can help one avoid being further victimized by panic:

Panic– Fear, despair, and hopelessness resulting in lack of caution and reckless decision making.

  • Take a Look at Your Gear
  • Secure Your Gear
  • Focus and Prevail

Take a Look at Your Gear

Sit down and critically go through the contents of your pack. You should be carrying the Ten Essential Categories.

  • Look at each item, one after the other.
  • Handle each item slowly and carefully.
  • Rehearse in your mind why each item is significant, and what role it will fill in your current situation.
  • Recall how past experience, information, and training has prepared you for each item’s use.

Where is it?

Make sure you never have to ask the above question…

Secure Your Gear

Place each item securely and safely back in your pack, in proper order for use. Make sure everything’s tied down or zipped up tight.

always, Always, ALWAYS keep your pack either on your person, or within direct arm’s reach.

  • Never place your pack on the ground and wander away from it. You may never find it again.
  • Never place your pack on a slope, hill, or ledge. It might fall or roll away from you.
  • Never leave items laying randomly on the ground. They’ll be very difficult to find again.

Focus and Prevail

The above¬†procedure prompts your mind to focus on your equipment, each item’s use/purpose, and prior training and experience associated with each item. By the time you reach the bottom of your pack, your mind is no longer crippled by panic; instead, it will be preparing for what lies ahead.

Celebrate the fact that you have the means to prevail!